20 April 2012

When I was reading ELLE Indonesia April 2012, I was like, okaayy. It's challenging to pick just two articles to be posted. I encourage people to get the copy of the magazine, that's why I just show my readers sneak peek to the magazine.

But I CAN NOT keep this for my own. I just can't. On ELLE Fashion Collector section, I read this. I met her few times back, in some art exhibitions. A wonderful woman with nearly ONE THOUSAND of BAGS! LV (for sure. With more than 200 LV bag alone, I call her LV Lady), Hermès, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, you name it. Meet Lia Candra.

And as a Chanel lover, her collection is just beyond. Itching my ego. I can't help but saying I love her.

She's not like any other collectors who just buy and buy, without knowing the VALUES. Like I posted on my twitter @signorefandi , Many people know the price, but only few know the value. Lia is not only buying things. Aside her passion to limited edition pieces, her way to take care of her collection is what we should follow (to know further, get the copy!). I know one particular woman, using Hermès bag as door holder when her door broken. Ughh..

Signorefandi, not easy to beat her collection..