1 September 2012

My dear Anggun is on the cover of Amica Indonesia September issue, in ultra beautiful Jean Paul Gaultier Couture.

The dress above was made entirely from zippers, by Didi Budiardjo, an Indonesian designer, in Didi Budiasrdjo Couture label. I know I know, it's not a real haute couture as Jean Paul Gaultier's dress, since it's not (yet) recognised as couture by Chambre Syndicale. Few other Indonesian designers use this terminology, but once again, it's not an official haute couture, even though it took hundreds of hours in making and exquisite and expensive materials.




Anggun, one of Indonesian French singer is so adorable. She's so humble. In a concert, she's making jokes, sometimes a bit flirtious and kittenish, but funny. Her voice, oh mamamia. Youtube it, and you'll just fall in love with it. Too bad I'll miss her concert here in Frankfurt, but I WILL chase her in Berlin on December 9th. I hope I can see her there. And having lunch together the day after.


She's also the ambasadress of UN-FAO as Goodwill Ambassador. In the Amica article, she's speaking about the role of food in world. She says,



Surprisingly in this world, we use a lot of land to feed animals to feed us, not land directly feed us. So there are still many poor people, many poor farmers, who actually don't not have any food.



True. So true.

Signorefandi, Amazing grace, amazing Anggun...