1 September 2012

Few days ago the copy of Vogue September Issue arrived on my desk, and now I just finished reading (yes, I READ them, not just looking the ads like any other people who buy fashion magazines.

With Salma Hayek staring at me, in Gucci and (oh!) Harry Winston Jewelry, this cover is shocking.

Salma Hayek, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski

Look at the G in VOGUE. I somehow get used to seeing a brand covered by models' heads, and especially in Vogue. But this one is quite weird. Why is the G covered but O, U, and E are not? Salma's hair and right arm are BEHIND the letters, but her head is IN FRONT of it. Why not just putting all Vogue letters behind her, letting it cover by that tempting pose of beauty latina? I don't really care about the spoilers like 374 Seiten or Mode-Lust, because usually spoilers are in front of the models' body. But for the word VOGUE, they put it differently for each letter. Hard work for the layouters, or they were just missing it? I don't know.

Anyway, I kept turning pages, and aside the cover, the content is way more impressive.

I LOVE jackets. It can transform my teeny tiny body to look more proportional. And it's facing summer now, so this fashion spread is inspiring. They're so beautiful.

And article about Terrific Tisci and legendary Lady Dior are something worth to read.

One more thing. Guys, save the date for the biggest shopping spree of the year, Fashion's Night Out, here in Germany. They will be held in TWO cities, Berlin and Dusseldorf!

Signorefandi, first impression is not that important...