21 December 2012

A great thing worth-to-wait in the next year!

My lifetime favorite singer is finally releasing his new album! Andrea Bocelli "Passione", is out on January 29th!

In this album, Andrea will feat duets with Jenifer lopez, in “Quizás Quizás Quizás”, Nelly Furtado in "Corcovado", and virtually in  "La Vie en rose" with late French singer Édith Piaf.

Andrea will sing in SIX different language. I wonder if he actually speaks all of them.

And, with David Foster as your producer, it's a guarantee that your album will reach millions in selling number.

Well, that's the result if you do anything with passione. Passion, like Oprah says, is energy. Or Tony Robbins, that passion is genesis of genius. Music has been passion for Andrea. Since at the age of six, he started piano lessons, and flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, harp, guitar and drums are following. Lots of instruments and hard work, as I see. But for a person with such huge passion for music, it's actually not. I like music, but I recall, when I arrived here in Germany, my boyf is trying to teach me to play Gibson Les Paul Studio - with cherry worn, he added (oh why he sits next to me when I'm writing this). But, you know, my finger nails are too long to play guitar.

To pre-order the album, tab here for iTunes and here for Amazon.

Signorefandi, Veronica on the cover, is that you?