21 December 2012

It's just sad. So sad hearing that Givenchy will not run a show in couture week this January. I thought it's just calender Maya which stops today, 21.12.2012. Little did I know, so does the Givenchy Couture calender.

I heard a rumor that Sheikha Moza of Qatar once bought up the entire Givenchy couture collection,  reluctantly shared with other couture clienteles. It does sound that the business running well, doesn't it? I don't know if it's just a way of Ricardo to make it more exclusive - like it needs more exclusivity- by avoiding non real buyer and A-lister to see the collection presentation. But as Karl once said, there's nothing to do with exclusivity. He invites many journalists and some bloggers to the Chanel couture show. Mr. Toledano of  Dior once said that journalist must be invited to the show. 

The core of couture is quality. When you make many artisans working their hands and eyes hundreds of hours and fly South African feathers thousands of miles so you can work on it in plumassier and put it on the dress, there's no reason for putting people, blogger journalist away from the runway. 

Well, I believe he has a strong reason why he's doing it.

Signorefandi, white reason, black reason, or just in between...