21 December 2012

You remember when the decorous Olsen duo became fashion designer and released THE backpack, a bag that would cost you a small house in Indonesian village, or maybe a truck of food? The price tag of whooping €27,550 or around $39,000 is apparently not an obstacle for people to grab them. It is sold out everywhere in a finger snap (of course!). So, if you want to get one of those, you can't. You. Just. Can't.

Except one of the owners (one of them allegedly bought three pieces) want to resell it, which I doubt. I mean, if you can afford that bag, why would you even want to sell it?

But here's the thing. This backpack is not just a bag. I know in some level of insanity, you'd be able to carry your schoolbooks or something, so it still has function. Made with a high quality Nile crocodile skin, those bags were skillfully made by italian manufacturers, which world-widely known to make the best everything leather-based. But in case you reeeaallyy want it, there's a good news. Maybe you've heard it as well. The Olsen decided to collaborate with artist Damien Hirst, and on behalf of Just One Eye, a chic boutique in LA, it's gonna be available for sale. The price? Don't fall from your chair.


Bags that, quoting Just One Eye, 'blurs the line between high art and high fashion', are definitely ones to watch. Just in case we're winning lottery and have some extra bucks to blow.

Signorefandi, this is the ONLY time I want a backpack so bad,..