23 December 2012

I think this is the best Christmas present ever for these two fashion houses. Fashion houses Maison Martin Margiela and Alexis Mabille have been awarded haute couture appellation by the Chambre Syndicale. It means, they may use haute couture alongside their names for the couture collections.

As I know, it's not easy to get such prestigious accomplishment and approval. First, a designer must have shown at least forty collections (some additional information needed, since I haven't seen that much from some haute couture houses. For example, Maxim Simoens had once granted to present his collection, as "invited member", without previously showing any official collections). They also have to show at least thirty five exits in one couture show and 2 times a year (fall winter and spring summer). They also must have twenty full-time technical people in at least one atelier, which employs at least fifteen people in full-time basis.

Even though Alexis Mabille's latest couture show didn't pull a sparkle among critics, the quality is proven that the the Chambre approved him to present his collections more in the future. In my opinion, the scorpion-inspired hair with the sting replaced (disguised?) by beautiful brooch is very avant garde. Margiela, as I think one of few real fashion artists (no interview, no photograph. Le débat est clos.), does deserve the highest emblem in fashion world. His collection is always breathtaking, surprising, bold, and representing the spirit of freedom. I even bought few pairs of L'incognito sunglasses, which is not from couture collection, but I think this sunglass is a translation of visionary fashion, aside instant attention-drawer on street.

Congratulations, to both fashion houses. May all the joy and happiness of exquisite embellishment and embroidery be with you in many spectacular seasons to come.

Signorefandi, may I, and I only, take picture with you, Monsieur MM? s'il vous plaît?