10 December 2012

I recently went to an opening of painting exhibition of my dear dear friend (my mate in German course!) Argelia García Chávez from Mexico.

 Schützen uns

 uns sehen

 die Überquerung... des Hahns

die Katze

And my favorite is this one. Unter dem Zug.

Me and Argelia

Las Patronas de Veracruz, the tittle of the exhibition, was inspired by a group of women in Veracruz, Mexico, who help immigrants on the running train by giving them food and warm clothes.

An estimated 400,000 people in Central America illegally cross Mexico to reach the United States. Under extreme conditions they travel in freight trains to the north. Lack of prospects in their home countries, and the hope for a better new life in the U.S. lead them to this venture.

During this perilous journey, precisely in a place of Veracruz, they meet Las Patronas. The Patronas, a small group of women waiting at the tracks on the immigrants to help them reach into the moving train food and drink - every day, for 15 years. The commitment of these women, their generosity and helpfulness inspired her to this art project.

Argelia takes the role of Patronas de Veracruz in this migration phenomenon by textured acrylic and oil paint on canvas. Here they can talk colors and a variety of styles: impressionistic, representational and abstract. Some of their works are accompanied by three-dimensional caricatures who represent migrant workers clinging to the freight train.

The proceeds from the sale of the art will benefit the Patronas of Veracruz. So, if you want to know more about these wonderful touching pieces of art, go visit the museum here.

Frauen Museum Wiesbaden
Address: Wörthstraße 5, 65185 Wiesbaden
Phone: 0611 3081763
The exhibition will run until January 31st, 2013.

Signorefandi, beauty doesn't need to come from wonderful place...