10 February 2013

Here's the full video of Jason Wu Fall/Winter 2013 show.

  1. Chandelier hanging so low almost touching the floor. The setting was amazing; clean, sleek, simple, sophisticated. Then came the chandelier, which kinda ruined the whole theme. If you want the attendees focus on the clothes only and wanna go clean, go clean. If you wanna go theatrical, build a train station with train attached or move a mountain to the show. But NOT in between.
  2. Neon front-rower. It's just hilarious how one pair of (God is merciful) NEON pants ruins the whole of the show. I mean, this is fall/winter season, and of course not many colour is presented. A little red, brown, black, white, and all in between. And there it was, a shocking neon pants that even folks at had to work even longer (it would have been a super duper busy week even without it!) to photoshop every exits!
  3. A-list bloggers are no longer on A list (BryanBoy and Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast). They even sat on the last row! (Well, it sounds worse than "sitting on the 2nd row", right? Even though it's the same in this case, since there were only two rows, but still. They couldn't win the 50-50 game of seating issue. Having dinner with the designer few nights before the show is not a front-row guarantee, eh?
  4. Oh. Alina Cho of CNN was also on the last row. So bloggers weren't really looser.
  5. And what on EARTH BryanBoy using to take picture? iPad? Ugh... First, the photo quality of iPad is HORRIBLE. The video is even more. Second, it looks like you hold a protest board on a demonstration. Which never looks cool. If I were a Boy, I'd use my DSLR!
  6. The Brant brothers were front row. With their marvelous mom.
  7. Finale. Why is the official video not showing Jason taking a bow? Oh. The chandelier. I knew it would make trouble. I knew it!

Signorefandi, clothes? Great. Show? So so...