12 February 2013

Here is the new ads of Miu Miu.

I never felt how amazing it is, to watch short fashion films before (there are lots out there!). This Miu Miu ads contains not only the glamour and sophistication a fashion film usually has (not always. Some meant-to-be fashion film are terribly tawdry and too-much in every inch), directed by Ava DuVernay, this movie also translating the emotion; mood, gestures, hidden feelings, into something really touchy. It resonates to me so strongly.

The story, which I got as a turned-down-by-love woman, is welcoming her friends who come to her door to bring themselves and offer what they have; passion, cheer, joy, companion, sincerity, and silent-understanding, qualities that many many women have more than men. And of course there are bunches of beautiful clothes (I love the black-printed pink silk dress!), fabulous settings, and party. But what touches me the most is the ability of the actress Gabrielle Union transferring the emotion (pain?), burring it, releasing it little by little, and splurging it through heart-to-heart talk. It's such a power only woman can handle, as I recall Rose Dawson of Titanic once said, "There's a deep ocean of secret in every woman's heart".

Signorefandi, beautiful, the movie is..