5 February 2013

Here's the video of Chanel haute couture spring/summer 2013.

This show is about craziness with discipline, as Karl explained after show. What I see it from the wild Holm oaks from Normandy with Scots pines setting, it is the major way to express your ideas of clothing, not only with undoubtedly immaculate dresses with extremely intricate (some dress with flower embroidery was made for 2000 hours) process to make, but also packaging all those fantastic fabrics with something that you can easily reconnect to.

Of course when we say Chanel, unless you live under a rock, you'll know it. You even can recognize its style from miles away. The idea of sustaining traditions, enriching it with up to date silhouette, stitching it with the most extraordinary materials, and a superlatively skilful craftsmanship,  all those crate what a Chanel today. Maybe you'd not see a gothic look in Chanel jacket two decades ago, but as I learn from Karl, fashion evolves. Karl has transformed a french shoulder style (the early exits) into something dark, mysterious, but yet at the same time, intriguing.

And it is no Karl if it's not funny. The look finale, is something that makes me giggle.

Two brides holding hands, with one bride holding hand of a boy? What a statement.

Signorefandi, wildly romantic!