4 February 2013

Here's the full video of Ele Saab haute couture Spring/Summer 2013.

I CLAP my hands since the very first look. I'm blown away by the dress; the flipping part (perfectly under the knees, so you still can see the silhouette), the sparkling embelishment and embroidery, the semi transparent fabrics of the lower part, and even though it reminds me to the previous couture collection (the floor-length dress with sleek tiny belt as the divider to dilute the eyes creating an extenuating proportion), this dress is a grandeur as opening. And the rest can't I say better than what an ultimate beauty Elie Saab has to offer. It is the ultimate. You can't look ugly in Elie.

And these dresses, look number 4 and 5, I've never seen such a dress flowing like that.(start from 00:45 s in the video)

The dress' way of flowing is like a fresh milk poured in a glass in the morning. It looks so drowning that you're lulled by it. It's so pure, fresh, and clean.

Of course I don't see exclusivity here. Some people might think it's overshadowed by Valentino (pastel colour, the lace and, the embroidery), or Stephane Rolland's cape and flip. But no one is doing what Elie's doing. In its simplicity, every inch of it is a mere intricacy and elegance. And I think Elie Saab's couture dresses are the couture dresses you will need no alterations. It's just perfect the way it is. Maybe some people call t wearable (little do they know about couture, then, because every couture dress you order is wearable, because it would be made just for you, with as much alterations and customization as you wish).

And this is the second time I shed tears watching a fashion show (the first was Chanel haute couture fall/winter 2005/2006. I was hysterical). The finale is just... just... beautiful.

The glory of haute couture is there. IT IS THERE.

Signorefandi,  I'm on the edge...