22 March 2013

Did you watch the latest Chanel show, at least on or youtube? Did you find a mistake somewhere during the show?

I know that Chanel show is but grandeur. Every inch is considered in bomb-production precision. I remember a documentary of Arte, showing the making of a Chanel couture bridal gown, and Madame Martine, who was responsible for the pyramid-building process, said that the tolerance for a miss was in millimeter. So, I suppose everything is superbly executed.

But, there's nothing such perfection in this world, except for the imperfection itself. And I found something, not quite significance related to the collection, but pretty (amusing?) tickling.

Chanel ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2013/14 was about up-to-earth, as Karl said. And to be so, a gigantic globe in the middle of the runway was genius to present how Chanel is essentially conquering the world, by seeing it up from the sky. On the globe were placed little Chanel flag pointing where a Chanel store located. And I saw, Indonesia, my country, just has one. No, that's not the mistake I found. Sadly we indeed just have one Chanel store, located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town in Jakarta. But the placement of islands, was geographically wrong.

Did you notice it?

Here's the correct map.

And here where we're located on globe.

We know that we're talking about more than 17.000 islands here, not forget to mention that Indonesia is the biggest archipelago on earth. So it's kind of tricky. Not even every Indonesian knows how to draw our map. But basically, it consists of seven big areas, with five big islands in all (four of them are included in top ten biggest island on earth).

So the mistake was the placement of Papua Island, which we share it with Papua New Guinea.

The island inside the red square's supposed to be in the black one. I know it's overlapped with Australia, which only means that the placement of Australia was mistaken too. I know it's nearly impossible to create the exact condition, since there are thousands of island, and thanks to global warming, some of the small ones no longer exist, and the existence of the others depends on the tides (yes, some of them disappear, or sink, when the tides rise up at night). Then in the morning they just pop out of the sea, embracing the sun.

Well, as aforementioned, it's no such an influence of the collection. It's great, especially there were two men look there. In matter fact, it's not significant at all, but it's essential.

Anyway, maybe one day when we have one hundred stores in the country, it will be more precise.

Oh, I just remember. Karl never does a thing twice.

Signorefandi, my geography teacher will send me a great-job postcard...