21 March 2013

Alexander McQueen always comes with bright bold (sometimes bizarre) ideas in fashion. And it actually is one of very few fashion brands that I consider as art. I mean, the real art. Art for me is the way of seeing the universe the way others don't see. McQueen made armadillo become something provocatively pretty, making wacky body transformation and successfully forcing the viewer to believe it as beauty. How many people are surprised by his (or in recent case, Sarah Burton's) collection each and every time? How many other designers would say "Oh I wish I had had thought of that" every time the collection is out? Andi Warhol once said, "An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need", as so Karl Lagerfeld said so, that he created things people don't need. But eventually it is what make people crave for, what people really want.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection, which was blatantly inspired by the most inspiring creature on earth, bee, was something magical I can't even imagine it can be done.

When I gifted my mum the knuckelbox clutch with a huge closely allied golden flower as the holder, she said, "Oh I got a new stuff for the deco", which in my opinion, it's more relevant than carrying it in an event. McQueen's item is most of the time not all about utility, and you can put it to beautify your living room or something like that, because, as I said before, it's art. As itself, it also makes the surrounding beautiful.

Most of the time, many pieces that were shown on runway didn't appear at store, because they are kind of blue print of the business-oriented and non artistic stuff like flat shoes or sunglasses, or scarf. But surprisingly, these items, the hat, the belt, the jacket (definitely in my shopping cart now!), the clutch, and the skirt are now available in LuisaViaRoma!

Now my friends, having one of these (or all, which I would seriously envy you if so), will make you really having a piece of art of Alexander McQueen, and not just skull scarf.

Signorefandi, I am the queen bee!