7 May 2013

Is this what they call PUNK?

Couture has been providing a lot of choices of punk style. Dior by John Galliano in 2001? Alexander McQueen BY Alexander McQueen? VIVIENNE WESTWOOD?

Punk is indeed beyond just clothes or mohawk (even though it's easy to recognize) or studs or nose ring or one-side shaved head. It is about mind set, it is about way of life. And when people just wrap the idea of punk culture by dressing pretty, they fail. I believe that some people who attended the Met Gala were affected by the punk, or maybe even were a part of it. But again, when glamour is speaking, punk is as friendly as your foe. Punk is about rebellion to what's happening, either is it against modernity, superficiality, or simply, bourgeoisie.

Fashion, in one way is a relection of what's happening in a particular era, is the easiest way to speak out people's state of mind. The way punk people embrace fashion is not to look glamourous, but to say that whatever they got, it is something people need to pay attention to, because it's against the flow, and not to flatter the physical body.

So, when the theme was 'punk: chaos to couture', I see that many people didn't dare (or just can not?) to embrace punk ideology as far as it should be. They skipped the chaos and went straight to couture.

Chaotic punk?

Signorefandi, ain't nobody got time fo dat...