10 May 2013

Chanel's short movie is finally here!

Once Upon A Time, directed by Karl Lagerfeld and starred by Kiera Knightly and many others (mostly Chanel's models of course), is about the early time of Chanel's career in fashion. 

Rumour has it that Karl gave the script to the actors- Knightley, Clotilde Hesme, Lindsey Wixson, Stella Tennant, Tallulah Harlech, few moments before the shooting. With most of them are not real actors, I don't think this strategy-spontaneity, natural expression, improvisation- is working well. However, Chanel's movie is not about the story. It's about the clothes.

Her dislike of Paul Poiret is what I'm really interested in, because as far as I know, what Chanel designed in that period of time was quite a resemblance of a protest to what Poiret had created. 

With the story taken set at the first Chanel store in Deauville circa 1913, this story is surprisingly offering a brainstorming (confusing?) idea about how Chanel got her signatures. Chanel copied all her iconic looks (tweed, pearls, menswear) from women who were already wearing it? That is something opposite with what I knew. Well, Karl is, I and many other believe, the person who knows Coco Chanel the most, so maybe I just haven't read the right book. Chanel is well known for the breakthrough of freeing women from corset and uncomfortable materials, but inspired by others who wear men's jacket and flooding pearls is something striking.

Incomparable with Tonight or Never in 1931, this movie is so worth watching whatsoever. When are you going to watch a black and white movie in Chanel clothes?

Watch the movie below.

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