12 June 2013

When you can tell a music video is artistic, then this is it. Daphne Guinness made her debut in music shot by Nick Knight and Marie Schuller as the film maker.

Daphne Guinness explained, "This song came from broken bonds, fragmented dreams. In part, it’s about the sheer randomness of love and its illusionary effect." It is reasonable that it's about love. I follow her on Twitter (@TheRealDaphne), and it IS a love twitter. It is so full of beautiful words about love, peace, and gratitude.

The music video itself is artistically arabesque, looking like a broken colour TV in the beginning of its invention, and in some point it's surreal and there's a lot of sudden shock of colour absurdity, which remind me of futuristic scene of sci-fi. And I know that Daphne loves the alien-esque things, so no surprise that her first music video will be alien in concept and ideas. It is artistically amusing (how many times I say 'art'?). Well, it's the first time I see a music video which I consider as art (last one, I promise).

Signorefandi, divine Daphne!