14 June 2013

It took a helluvah high octane of the whole village to release a piece of information in the last decade, but it seems it's just in seconds, that John Galliano's first interview after his regrettable statement more than two years ago- a rampant words about anti-Semitism and racism which cost him his job in Dior, his own name as label John Galliano (which I still can't believe. How can you be fired from your own name?), and a big disappointment and betrayal, amongst friends and colleagues, is online after just a mere few hours on air.

John revealed a lot in the interview on Charlie Rose. When you read Vanity Fair's incredible Ingrid Sischy interview, you think you've read it all. But you also know Charlie. His sharpness and persistence is difficult to beat, especially when the interviewee just had a hard time. But they did it. John did it.

Recalling his "blackout drinker" phase, the change from a creative individual without dependence on drugs and alcohol, John explained that he was afraid to say "no", with all the success he achieved, taking 32 collections a year. And like many things in life, there's a point when too much is, too much, is overwhelming.

When talking about Alexander McQueen suicide, he said that he "understood- that loneliness, that pain". It's all about people who said how much they love their creations (I remember Marc Jacobs saying that he hardly believes when people around him say that after a fashion show) and how they're gonna top that. The point is, the pressure. The crave for fulfilling everybody's expectation. And it aint gonna happen, of course. Karl Lagerfeld (who's free to do anything in Chanel) once said that he doesn't care about what people say (even what Anna says, then adding, "Of course it's good when she likes it") and just do what he does best.

Oh. And John could answer Charlie's question about what makes good design different from great design. And Charlie didn't believe it.

Watch the full video here. Now, before it's too late (like many others, Charlie's interviews are no longer active after a while).

Signorefandi, quoting Christian Dior, "I think we have to be aware that people are allowed to make mistakes in their life"...