17 June 2013

Call me lonely and pathetic, that I was online using my laptop on my birthday. You all know that blogging writing is a non-stop job. Once you have an idea and inspiration, you better rush to a pencil or keyboard to immortalise it before it's gone. So yesterday I was online. Not for the whole day, though.

I got a little surprise that when I open my ritual, Google, I got a birthday greeting from them, on their renown doodle. You know, the animation replacing the 'Google' title above the search bar, telling if there's a special moment or some VIP's birthday. And yesterday it was mine. 

I was like, "What? Are they serious?", because you know, I am not (yet) appearing on Wikipedia or something alike. Nor a well-known person in the world (again, yet). SO why was my name on their doodle along with birthday cake and candles?

Thanks to Google+, another social media platform which allows you to share anything, just like another version of Facebook and friends. So if you have a Google+ account, and you submit your birth date, you will have a birthday Google doodle on your birthday, with link redirecting you to your Google+ account (if you're on Wikipedia, then you will be directed to Wikipedia page). 

It's cute, is it not? When your friends and family forget your birthday (not mine, but how come people forget with all reminders and Facebook notifications and so on?), you will at least get one sweet greeting from Google. If you open Google on your birthday, of course.

I know that June 16th is not a complete nice date, since in history it's related mostly to war (Wars of the Roses in 1487, British troops took Cape Breton Island in 1745, War of Austrian Succession in 1746, French and Indian War in 1755, Spain declared war on the Kingdom of Great Britain and the start of Great Siege of Gibraltar in 1779, First Battle of Groix in 1795,... the list undendlessly on and on). Thanks to Wikipedia, I can know that on June 16th 1990, it was the death day of, ughh, a pornstar and a murderer (Gertrude Baniszewski, American murderer of Sylvia Likens (b. 1929) and Megan Leigh, American porn actress). Don't assume that I am the reincarnation of them both though.

Anyway, click HERE to sign up for Google +, and include me in your circle!

Signorefandi, social media +1!