8 June 2013

Have you seen the latest video of Kelly Rowland?

It was AMAZING! When I wrote about Alexander McQueen's bee looks, I wonder who has such a daring taste that will wear the honeycomb hat. It's not for kind of next door girl, but it's not for red carpet either. And then, of course, when people can put on anything somewhere, literally anything, it is on music video.

Look how scary (but beautiful) alien-like silhouette  a hat can cause.

I think it's a strategically genius choice of outfit, since the song is titled 'One Life', which reminds me of the life of bee. Well, of course we all have one life (unless you believe that a cat has nine souls). But the message of the song is that you should not waste your time by doing what you don't like or by living with values that you don't believe in. In bee case, living with full attention and patience. Rumour among apiologists has it that bee is a creature that has the best control of emotion. If they loose it and use their ultimate weapon of survival, the sting, they die.

Like Lee McQueen's life, which was full of inspiring (yet controversial) ideas and strong idealism in fashion, life itself has to be filled with things that make us happy, things that we believe in, and that one must live in it to the fullest.I wonder if Destiny's Child dispersed because each of the member didn't want to sting, and continued flying by self instead, to live their own separate journeys. 'Dirty Laundry' kinda proved it tho. I'm so proud of you, Kelly!

Watch the music video below.

Signorefandi, don't sting and move on!