20 June 2013

I am not a hat person, but I love seeing people wearing them. I envy them, that sometimes I dream my head size is so small that wearing hat doesn't make my head look even bigger that it actually is. When I visited Phillip Treacy's salon few years ago, I was in a dream land, but I felt like a kid with toothache visiting a candy store. Ironic.

Even so, once in a while I wear them, once in a lustrum I suppose. For men, it is so rare that a hat is included in the dress code (royal wedding, anyone?), but for women, they actually can wear it any time. And also, the choice is broader when it comes to hat. Well, just like other fashion items actually. It is so sad that women don't use this benefit to the max nowadays.

So when the time comes, I want to make sure that I wear something extraordinary, something marvellous, and not just a plain black top hat or so. And I think I found a millinery for my quinquennial occasion.

A click through internet brought me to this enchanting milliner. Laurence Bossion.

Powered by Cincopa

Powered by Cincopa

She offers a very wide range of hats. The first gallery shows the leopard style hats, and one of the second gallery reminds me of geometric hats from Balenciaga era. It is sleek, bold, and classic.

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Powered by Cincopa

Laurence Bossion is playing with many kind of materials- feathers (it's D.I.V.I.N.E), flowers, silk, and straw, which allow you to make your hat customised and created as your wish. It is more and less like a couture piece, which every single thing is created by highly-skilled artisans with clever craftsmanship. Not so pricey as Treacy, but you'll definitely get something exclusive and unique in high quality. Or as she said, "There is a bit of your heart in this hat". 

The atelier is located at 10 rue Saint Roch, 75001 Paris.

Signorefandi, magnifique modiste...