20 June 2013

Remember Oscar Carvallo couture d├ębut? It was magnifique. And when finally the ready-to-wear collection arrived on my desk (I was not on the show, but I don't complain. I went backstage back then), I was amazed how close it is to the couture line, which is good. Couture line is meant to be the parfum, the compass of other lines; ready-to-wear, accessories, jewellery, business and advertising plan, etc. The main idea and inspiration lie across the whole season's collection, with some adjustments and variation. And to see how wonderful it is, keep reading. The ocean-inspired details and futuristic haircut (reminds me to Tao's iconic bob) are all over it. And there IS something derived from couture collection which I am dying for (not a dress, I'm pretty sure).

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God (along with my mum) knows how much I LOVE jackets, in any shape, from any kind of material (I have one from pineapple fibre— can not be washed in any thinkable way, bed cover— makes me look like a pupae, or even real-rocks embellishments all over the fabrics), and in any range of price (from one dollar-thanks to eBay- until, well, my accountant went banana when she found out I broke my saving). SO you might have guessed that the following jacket is a die-for item.

I know it would feel itchy wearing it, but I don't think it would exceed the funny feeling that I got when I wore rock-embroidered jacket.

Signorefandi, Bravo, M. Carvallo...