30 July 2013

I know it's been forever since the last couture week in Paris, therefore I didn't expect anything coming up. But this morning, something really really unexpected couture-related arrived in my mailbox, here in Germany. A personal note from Frank Sorbier, whose his couture show I attended few weeks ago.

Big surprise was it. One, because couture week is so over, and two, usually fashion houses ask for Paris address to send an invitation, so that they don't have to manage sending invitation to all around the world. It was not until late afternoon that I found it. It's such a nice thing to receive such letter, because, I, like many other people in the world, feel sometimes unseen, unnoticed, and whatever I do through my blogs, my photos, my writing in mass media, or through discussion I built, is not yet something big, something that people will not really remember. I amen Oprah's words, that every body needs validation. Every body needs to know if what they make or what they do is good. In one of her show, she said that all her guests she interviewed, from housewife to Beyonce, from single father to President Obama, always asked after the show, "Was that good? Did I do good in the interview?"

I realized that what I have done is still something small, as I need to learn more and more. A little review about collections I attend is purely based on my knowledge, that sometimes I missed a history factor in it. Many fashion critics that I admire and listen to have spent years and years to reach the point they are now. But I truly poured my energy and squeeze my brain, with a touch of my heart feeling every single time. My mentor in writing for some English printed newspaper always told me that blogging is, and should be, a way of journalism, that anyone behind the laptop must have uncompromized legitimation and integrity in writing, and not just turning the media into an online version of yellow pages with ass kissing and unnecessary flatter. With all that, the true form and purpose of reporting will be valid. And people will notice the difference.

This letter will have a special place, not just on my wall, but also in my heart. It is such a reminder for me to keep going and improving, to never stop learning, that someday I will be known not as a blogger in today meaning, but as a journalist who uses blog to deliver my ideas and opinion.

Signorefandi, Merci, Monsieur Sorbier...