29 July 2013

Louis Vuitton is known for their appreciation in culture and travel, and their recent collaboration with international artists came up with beautiful scarf creations with pattern made by those artists, including from Indonesia, Eko Nugroho.

Eko Nugroho

It was all started by an exhibition he joined in 2009 in Paris, and in 2012, he took part in an exhibition again in Musee d'Art Moderne, whose the curators were from Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton.

"After all of that, last year they invited me for a meeting in Hong Kong to discuss this collaboration. The process took one year. I made six paintings as designs for the scarf, and they selected one of the paintings."

"I also put strong and bold there. In Indonesia, strong colours vary. There's also Indonesian identity, eyes hiding behind mask. There's motif resembling mountains and tip of Borobudur temple. There's also coffee pattern, which I found very Indonesia." Yes, indeed. the most expensive coffee in the world is from there.

The scarf are only limited of 500 pieces produced, and 25 of them were sold out on the first day of launching in Plaza Indonesia on Tuesday, July 23rd.

All photos by my dear Vickaboo @vickaboo

Signorefandi, proud!