28 July 2013

When every body is enjoying sand and sunset, I went to Büdingen, the city where the boyf spent most of his childhood, an old city 50 km outside Frankfurt. Maybe you all know Germany as the land of steel and skyscrapers, but it felt like I was transported to another time, the old antique German era back in ancient period.

Clockwise: Sauna, which I am fully aware what that really means; Jerusalemer Tor, the town's landmark; Neusehland, an optometrist; Vorstadt, the city part in front of the gate.

Altstadt, a little old civilization behind the gate.

Büdinger Schloß 

The myth is that at midnight, those two guards are exchanging place, but only those who never lie in their lives can see that phenomenon. I guess no adult can see it.

Hexenturm, a tower where the municipality of Büdingen prisoned witches and wizards back in old time. Wicked.

Japanese cherry tree

Germany is so well known for its modernity in all phase, where researchers and bankers and business people all around the world gather, in sophisticated buildings with up-to-date technologies, but travelling to old cities like this always becomes a little treat, far away from cray cray lavish wallet-blowing trip, without loosing the luxe. The plus, learning history of a city is always nice and no harm to anyone.

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