27 July 2013

Karl Lagerfeld is set to open a screening of his new documentary film about, well, himself!

When I was reading online news this morning, I was like, okay. I read 'Mode Als Religion' as is, and my head was thinking that it is an English documentation, therefore I have to head to netflix or something free out there. But then I read it again, realizing that the tittle is in German. In bloody ef German, which I speak. I guess it happens when you hear and read the language long enough not to realize that you read it in that language and thing as if it's your own language.  So I suppose I don't need to pay a dime to be able to watch it!

The four-hour (!) documentary with insights and exclusive interviews with the Kaiser himself reveals a lot. Once he said, "When my mother was pregnant, she met a fortune-teller, who said: you are pregnant, you will get a boy and who is a bishop." Karl Lagerfeld didn't turn into a bishop in church- he became the highest caste possible, the pope. In church of beauty and dressmaking. On his one of the most comprehensive book containing compilation of interview done and written by Paul Sahner (only available in German, though. Lucky me), Karl says, "I wish all the stories with Christians, Muslims, Jews would stop and we could return to the Greek mythology". Interesting.

It shows not only the stunning career of Karl, who grew up in a dairy factory in Hamburg (is it also revealing his childhood as a kid who hates school, and shocking fact that his mother didn't care at all?) to become one of the most famous fashion designers in the world, but also shows his fashion cosmos at a depth like never before. Over 16 months, Karl Lagerfeld has to be accompanied by author Martina Neuen from VOX with the camera in his daily work between fashion shows and photo exhibitions and talked exclusively about his life, his career and the specifics of the fashion world. He also opens his private photo archive and the gates to his creative sites. In addition to the designers themselves, there are also faithful companions like supermodels Inès de la Fressange, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista, his longtime friend, the printer Gerhard Steidl, the editor in chief of German Vogue Christiane Arp, and prolific fashion critic Suzy Menkes. Aside what fashion means to them, the documentary also reveals pendant-like Hollywood stars Diane Kruger, Sarah Jessica Parker and Milla Jovovich. And one of Germany's most renowned brain researcher, Christian Elger, performs an impressive experiment: the example of a Catholic priest and a fashion fans he wants to make sure that their respective faith may even trigger the same physical reactions or feelings. Even in the fashion it comes to powerful symbols, a tight-knit community, visions and secrets, recurring rituals, myths, beliefs or "ethereal world."

The documentary will screen in Munich (Karl is scheduled to be there, even though he doesn't like a schedule beyond a week far), and will be aired on VOX Germany on September 7th, at 08.15 pm. 

Signorefandi, stay tuned! The pope is coming soon!