23 July 2013

So every body who has a fairy tail-ish dream is keeping eye on the royal baby of England. And as any other royal big moments, designers take part of it, in sketching the perfect gift for the His Royal Highness you-know-who.

Christian Lacroix brings his signature--lots of colours-- to a cute baby PJ.

Christian Lacroix' royal stroller. My fave.


Dior baby PJ


D'squared. Well, if the baby turns to have blonde hair, isn't that weird?

Huishan Zhang. Every (scary) doll for every month.

Karl never disappoints. Ever. This royal dummy (pacifier, anyone?)  is FAB!

Vera Wang's rattle

Vera Wang

For the comprehensive report, including how much (literally in dollars) the newly born will bring to UK's economy, tab here to WWD.

I believe that every baby carries his own luck and fortune, and not only he carries for himself, but also for the entire kingdom. He's already got the king factor.

The next cuteness in UK! Can. Not. Wait.

Signorefandi, British got K factor!