3 July 2013

Oh hi Jenny!

If you see a couture collection as a kind of laboratory in fashion, trial-and-error process with a heavy risk hand-in-hand with heavy return, this is it. I frankly can not see the red thread connecting all of this, except, well, no red thread. The colours ranged from dark blue navy to soft pink, from metallic silver to black matte. The proportion of every dresses resulted by many ideas of a series of scientists project, which vary from a sexy hour glass cut to a vahvahvoom body-wrap silhouette to armoric multilayered suit. The textures spread from silk smooth to precipitous rocky surface. 

Which all coming back to a question, "What is haute couture all about?". It's not a mere collection full of crazy grandeur clown-esque structured gowns like in good ol' days, or all red carpet ready *yawn* goddess dresses that people will link couture to. It's about the wide range of choices, dream choices (which if we are awake, we can choose what dream we want to dream of), and endless possibility with unthinkable ideas and imagination.

Signorefandi, in couture, you either create explosion or invention...