3 July 2013



No one can escape from taking picture, including my favourite model, Isa, that I met outside after Oscar's couture show last season.

After the show, all guests were welcomed to the cocktail party. We all needed a little shot of alcohol to release the long tensed day, so I went there too. Plus, I had a chance to have a chat with Oscar Carvallo himself, explaining further about the collection (and I super little clue about his next one!)

What was the inspiration of this collection?

It's eagle eye. The eagle eye, we have to have it in life, to get whatever we need to be happy, to be more yourself, to find friends, that you would to find a house, you would like to find a job, that you would like to develop your life. From that point we started to open the eagle's eyes.

Is there a specific place you got inspired? 
I usually do it in South America, in Caracas. I have a house in an island, and I got a lot of inspiration there. 

And at a particular time? Maybe when you are alone?

Usually I'm surrounded by family,

In quiet ambiance?

No no. Party. (Laugh)

That's interesting! You already have an idea about the upcoming collection?

Yes, but I can not tell you.

As always, for this question, every one I am asking always try to keep it, but with a persistence, he answered it.

Synetic. (Or so what I heard he pronounced it)

Synetic? Or Cynetic? Or Kinetic? It could be (and mean) anything from German game company (?!) to physics concept of movement and energy, on which I can't tell either, but I am so looking forward to his next collection, which I believe will be no less amazing!

Signorefandi, he is always full of surprise!