2 July 2013

This was the second couture collection of Oscar Carvallo, and I saw that his couture creation was much more mature (yet more fabulous!) than the previous one.

With the concept taken from the idea of eagle eye, with his tremendous attention to detail, and with excellent craftsmanship and sharp creativity combined with intricate embroidery, Oscar Carvallo this time released a collection that I call the best fashion reflection of a landscape, both on earth and up the sky. Its fragility combined with exquisiteness and high technique of tailoring, the earthy colours juxtaposed with the bright soft sky blue with stork-formed embellishment, a great mixture of black-and-copper, a bold play of gold texture, are added to his signature of fish scales on the bodice. An olive green evening gown with black ruffles on the lower part is definitely a show-stopper, with a laser-cut silhouette of beautifully flying stork, spreading its wide wings. An experiment with fur and feathers on shoulders and dress trail, peculiar accessories and jewellery (claws and paws) from Florence Verdier, hats from fabulous Laurence Bossion, all together added a beautiful touch to the already-great collection. I believe that the appellation to allow him using 'haute' term is not far upfront.

Bravo, Oscar Carvallo!

Signorefandi, the eagle is coming!