4 July 2013

Blending super rich and daring Chinese' tradition with modernity. That was it.

It was not the first time I wasted my seat for the sake of better view. I know I know. It sounds really ungrateful. I didn't mean to ingrate the willing to invite me, but hey, I know what my 'job' is. And when I moved from my seat (D2-33), I knew I would not get the best sight. So I moved to photographer section, which was purrrfect.

As aforementioned that Chinese culture is so rich of colours, it was inevitable that to showcase collection purely inspired by Chinese culture should contain colours. Bright colours. A black sequin dress embroidered crowded with gold appliqué, with, a gold strapless sheath erupted into a bell-shaped skirt of black ostrich feathers, so huge that the model look like a golden pistil of a blossoming black flower. Darkness was taking part as well. A gothic-styled lace gown  decorated with swallow bird taxidermy and strapless feather gown with croco bustier showed that the collection was complete only with these old-coloured numbers. It was about glorifying the imperialism in the past, with modern approach by the excessive use of pearls, and embroidery. Taiwanese actress Pace Wu modelled the finale gown, with its bodice made of strings of pearls and a floor-length navy blue voile skirt and dip-died train

Also on the set were there, the artisans working with wooden loom, a black silk became their object of embroidery execution. Laurence showed not only how to preserve his culture and long history. He also showed that tradition sometimes is an inseparable part to embrace the future.

It was marvellous.

Signorfandi, majestic...