1 July 2013

It is a pleasure and pressure more than anything, that I am invited to backstage before the show. Everything is top secret before models stepping on the runway. Experience of the crowd, the adrenaline, the rush, and the excitement of a collection that don't exist after the show (all joy and relieve, all after show is about) is something I would die to have. When I was offered to visit backstage before the show for Maison Anoufa Couture debut, I felt so privileged, and a little bit shaking due to my excessive brain activity (my ISO? my speed? my F? and all that was what I tried to congregate in my cells with some help of enormous serotonin and all stuff). Then, the magical world behind the glamorous runway opened up.

So, are you ready?

I was not prepared to get shot by his eyes like that, because as other models, sometimes you have to give a little sign (or scream if you are on the red carpet) to get their attention, especially if you are in quite distance with them. But he just suddenly turned his head and looked straight to my lens I couldn't handle. I almost fell off of the stairs in that very moment. Besides, the fact that Maison Anoufa doing couture for men itself is already exhilarating. It's not just one look, but as I saw on the trail, there were more than four.

As the title mentioned on the invitation, Effervescence, so far I haven't seen any bubble but imagined a scenery of a 1950's Broadway or a movie scenes a la The Seven Year Itch- no white dress blown by a passing train per se, but all sleek hair for the men and rolled shoulder-long blond hair everywhere (hairspray help), and it was magical. The designer himself (Ylan Anoufa. HE IS FUN I am telling you) was showing no hustle and bustle, last-minute reviewing clothes on the racks and overseeing the make up. With all the red lights on and make-up teams swapping the last brush on faces, retouching some lips, putting concealer on knees and ankles, all models got dressed, it's time to go to my seat. Again, for the thousandth time for the day, presetting and rechecking my camera (ISO, speed, F, hue saturation, position) and all the seats filled up, with the music getting louder and louder, the show finally began.

Signorefandi, next post!