1 July 2013

Closing song saying “Vous avez déjà vu un truc pareil?” (Have you ever seen anything like it?) was like a challenge to the attendees if we had ever seen something they had just shown. And On Aura Tout Vu designers, Yassen Samouilov and Litia Stoianova, though didn't present something 100% new, it was quite a perpetual presentation. The excellent tailoring with a play of plexiglass ornament-"30 square meters of plexiglass used here", Livia added, and Yassen continued, "The surface of your typical Parisian apartment", a figure-enhancing jacket with a hip defining basque, or a shirtdress with spine-like inserts, is a sure high craftsmanship. And the bejewelled skull clutch made the concept even more look like intra-cranial scanned slices that wouldn’t look amiss on a neurosurgeon’s desk. It's exploring beauty by denuding human body and exposing it inside out. Quite contrary with the setting on a bright day at Jardins du Palais Royal, the collection is showing that beauty can be expressed by anatomic exploration in the middle of a Parisian garden.

 Old-school way of making review. Writing on the paper and making sketch.

So, have I seen something like that? Dior-by-Galliano daring colours, Iris van Herpen difficult-to-construct garments, and McQueen humanbody-praising concept. Oh and the skull too!

UPDATE: Watch the video below.

Signorefandi, baby I swear it's déjà vu!