2 July 2013

Okay. My seat was D2, which was the second row. The problem? Of course it's someone's head. I am not six feet tall guy (five something asian with BMI 17, I'm telling), so I made plan change. I looked behind, and thank god there's only curtain and no other people, so I stood up behind my seat, so that I could get a better visual to the show. It was not really perfect, but hey, if a photographer whine a lot, he's just not good enough to handle a situation. Even at the worst one, one should be prepared and some strategy adjustment is needed. Fast. Oh I was so excited to see what I had seen backstage finally come to runway.

And this is the début couture of couture of Maison Anoufa.

The collection is kind of mixing glam, retro, and edgy. Hand-painted pants, jackets, with strong material, is combined with lightness of white tees and heaviness of formal suit. Casual short is paired with trench coat, a little chain appliqué as belt and leather jacket, tube-formed and maroon retro hats, are all mixed up with shorts, mini skirt, and bomber jacket. You can easily breakdown and remix all the pieces and you still can see that the edginess without being too much, formal without being to stiff. 

The black goddess-style evening dress with splashes of white paint is the best representation of elegance with a little touch of rebellion. The silver dress (again, with black paint as the addition to the black bling geometric necklace) is as saying that the statement of mixing high-class dressing and yet still being grounded. Dark elegance, an idea of juxtaposition between the hype and loneliness.

The finale exit, a white wedding gown with feather trim on the chest part in traditional shape, with dark lips and messy chic hairdo, is again referring to the uprising against comfort-zone sacred occasion and the terminology of purity.

Signorefandi, the couture of street fashion...