2 July 2013

It's his couture d├ębut, and it's one of the first show I attended. I was thinking I got standing, because there was no number or alphabetical sign of the seating. But when I arrived (30 mins earlier than the schedule. This is what I love about couture week. The schedule is no hustle, and the chance to see young bright promising couturiers are so big), and they offered my to shoot backstage. It was a surprise. I usually hate surprise because it will somehow affect your plan, but hey, it's a good one. So I said yes.

After that, they sat me second row. It was quite a try, because as a writer *scratch that* blogger, we all do everything on our own; taking pictures, editing, writing the review, interviewing, scripting from the record, putting the post, etc. So when they offered me an interview after the show (!), I was over the moon. I couldn't think that my night could have been better. Preshow, good seating, backstage, interview. You're greedy if you asked more, no?

This is why I LOVE backstage. If it's before the show, you could have a rare glimpse to what's gonna come out before everybody else. If it's after the show, you will see what you haven't seen before and during the show. With everybody's joy and relieve, no stress and frown, the ambience of celebration is so strong you forget that you're working (blogging is a job too, yes?).

I took this candidly, and no flash. But why oh why was her pose still so pretty? I can never imagine these models are looking bad no matter what move they make.

You know what I meant by models never look bad?

Even when they eat. His face when he got caught eating. ^_^

Models know best that modelling is sometimes really exhausting. People might just see them going fitting and walking then partying, but actually it requires a lot of hard work.  When I was in Jakarta befriended with many international models, there were coming some revelation about the commitment and work they should pay due, and some other fact that they actually are not as gloomy as on runway. These girls were helping each other giving shoulder massage!

And there it was, the bouquet lying on the table, left alone. I eventually had to leave all those flares and flaunt behind, getting ready for tomorrow. But before that, I did a short interview with the designer himself, Ylan Anoufa.

Thank you for the invitation. Let's start with the initial idea about the collection. What was your first thought about the inspiration?

It was coming from, hold on... (Then paused because someone was interrupting us)
Sorry it was my father. The inspiration came from mixing art and fashion. Everything on the dress, to be more exclusive for everyone.

In a day, when is your best time to get inspired?

To me, ideas flow come to me, then when looking at the moon, and I think about the dress, the back side...

How long did you make it? How long did it take from scratch to runway?



(Taking deep breath...) Three weeks.

What?! It's great! It's fast!

Yeah, because it was sewing myself. So I didn't ask for help from my atelier. For the couture, I sew the most by myself, with two of my assistants, but mostly I did it by myself. Everything, the paint, ... on my own. 

That's a lot of work!

That's a lot of work, that's a lot of stress, but there's a lot of fun. Most important of everything. If it's not fun, don't do it! (Laugh)

So do you already have idea of what your next collection is gonna be like?

I have my own idea, but I keep it for myself just to make you come, to see me again.

But give me a little hint! Maybe oriental, or western...

It's between, elegant, rock, chic, western. Everything is gonna be full of colours! Because now I'm trying to find the solution of printing now. 

So it's a combination of print and paint..

You will come and you will see

Well, if you invite me

Of course! You're always invited. You can even come to my house!

He was fun! That's why I love backstage!

Signorefandi, backstage bitch...