2 July 2013

Attending Stephane Rolland's haute couture show was one of my favourite time for this season of couture week. I had seen a lot of his creations on red carpets and award nights (his big fan Kim wore his gowns at more than one occasion. No, not the sofa-inspired at Met Gala), that I'm really interested to attend his show. And when the invitation arrived at my home in Paris, I couldn’t be happier (well, only Chanel invitation could top that).

Stephane Rolland Haute Couture invitation

A flamenco dancer performed in the middle of the U-shaped runway, opening the spectacular show. I couldn't see it due to my position, that a huge pillar forbade me seeing the centre stage. But my vantage point allowed me to see the gowns in an imagery as if the models walked on red carpet.

St├ęphane abducted the elegance of 17th-century Spanish royal lace collars and combined it with a futuristic touch and modernity of origami style, sculptural satin sleeves with clean-cut, creating sleek silhouette. His collection is predominently filled with black and classic navy blue. He created red-carpet-ready looks with royal-esque simpression, and with a twilight setting, every bright white colour of his gowns looked like being taken from wardrobe of a princess in fairy tale. 

Elegant. If I should describe it in one single word, that was it.

Signorefandi, the king of elegant dressing...