2 July 2013

I couldn't help but admitting that I was kind of expecting to see Kim Kardashian during this kouture week, and Stephane Rolland was the one who had the biggest probability. But maybe her newly born baby didn't really like the city of lights because, well, too bright, so she didn't show up.

So after waiting until the very end, I couldn't find her anywhere (when I was about to enter the venue, I was thinking that if Kim was invited and RSVP-ed, she would not have entered it from the front gate). So to cure my disappointment, I went backstage.

There, Stephane warmly welcomed loyal clients and celebrities. He's such a warm person, with full smile along the greeting and chatting, even though his eyes kept looking sharp with deep sight in the middle of the over-heated room.

One of the best (and most expensive) trail


Stephane Rolland and Matt Pokora

Signorefandi, someday I will be standing there with him too!