20 August 2013

When the world anticipated and impatiently waited for the Lance Amstrong interview with Oprah back in January, it was all clear, once again, that you can trust Oprah for head-scratching questions and, above all, beyond committing confession, the world's forgiveness. I wonder if it's going to happen, again, with my childhood idol Lindsay Lohan (along with Hillary Duff, Macaulay Culkin, and Aaron Carter), when she sat for close to forty-three minutes on record talk.

I was about to go to bed last night when I received the copy of the rerun (although it's already somewhere in internet by then if I was eager enough to look for it, but hey, I would not do piracy crime here). With Oprah, many big things can happen.

Will she tell-all? Will she really be open and honest this time? Will Oprah make her cry, like what Rihanna said to trust Oprah to make you cry? Or will there be an aha-moment?

Will she get a trip to Australia? is not one of them (but it's not impossible. Oprah can do anything) and I am telling you, that watching it before bed was a big mistake. My night was full of ideas and thoughts, with Lindsay's words spinning in my head and in some point, wondering if some of them are the truth.

I don't really care if it's a scripted image control over overly-repeated misbehaviour. When someone sits with Oprah, people could expect that it's going to be tell-all teary conversation, and I was not disappointed. Oprah, whose interviews and chats I already follow since I was five, is definitely not easily giving up to accepting all what's out from Lindsay. Lindsay seemed calmed and poise (even though in my opinion, she needed a better push up bra. But maybe people don't really care, when you can make $7M for a movie when you're just 19). She, like maybe all of us, didn't easily believe when Lindsay said, "I am a very spiritual person", which led to Oprah's renown question "What do you know for sure". It's quite hard to believe that a person post-post-post-post-post-post rehab saying that. Deep inside me wanted to believe it.

So when Lindsay said that she's going to go to Europe to meditate and do yoga (seriously?), Oprah asked her to consider staying in New York and do it there, worrying that it would turn out to be a big splash party, which I hold breath with a little wish if she would, she's buying the now-famous $38K Tom Ford bag in Switzerland as a thank-you-for-having-me present to Oprah. Excuse me, but I am still not over it.

The result of that proposal of consideration might surprise you, but I am not surprised at all. Oprah will not ask the interviewee to do anything directly. Of course she can, and people who smart enough will do it whatsoever. You messed up, you come to Oprah, and you're imbecile if you don't follow what Oprah thinks is good for you.

It was the gong sound to close it all, with Oprah saying, "I want you to win. I want you to win", with the second time by whisper and squinted eyes with sharp sight and deep voice. Oprah meant it. And like people who laughed out loud watching Freaky Friday and crying on Herbie: Fully Loaded, I wanted it too.

Signorfandi, forgiven, but definitely not forgotten...