22 August 2013

The time has come, when a cellphone becomes an inseparable part of our lives, and even more essential necessity than our most cherished accessories. So why not combine it?

Savelli Geneve is one of the luxury company which really gets it. This White Ice species, as part of the Jardin Secret Collection, was made with 18-carat rose gold , end-caps and buttons in sophisticatedly sleek white ceramic, wrapped with white alligator leather, and detailing in white caoutchouc, plus Ultra-Bombé, unscratchable sapphire crystal. It's a definite purity.

Oh I love white phones. In fact, all of my phones are white, even my deceased lovely BlackBerry.

This fabulous devices come in green Emerald Iguana, Blue Jeans Ostrich, chic Black Sport, and luxe Arden Red.And surprisingly, unlike any other luxury technology, this phone comes with Android operating system, with lots of apps so that by using this, you can be savvy and stylish at the same time. Its pocket-divulging price tag is scary, but as Coco Chanel said," The best thing in life is free. The second ones are really expensive."

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Signorfandi, my next separate physical organ?