10 August 2013

Giovanni Boldini was claimed to be the centre point of inspiration for Alexis Mabille to create his haute couture collection for fall 2013. It is indeed so blatant, that the Master of Swish' stark brush strokes were visible and felt throughout the collection; the colours, the movement, and the sense. The Portrait of Marchesa Luisa Casati, with a Greyhound is definitely there, and I couldn’t agree more that The Portrait of Marthe de Florian also reserved a place in the air.

And yet, a visit to local oceanarium gave me a déjà vu to the collection. In appearance, the silhouette and the shapes of few, if not more, of the collections resemble almost everything related to the incredibly wide and colourful of oceanic water world. It was spread all over the clothes; sea shell, Black martin, fluke of blue whale balaenoptera, sea urchin, grey heron (Andrea cinerea), platinum Arowana (the most expensive fish on earth--$10 million a soul if you wonder, jellyfish, every kind of anemone, Dhivehin beach, sea slug, sea food--excuse me, electric neocaridina, and for the final look, I assume it's resembling sunrise at Alau island in Maui, Hawaii.

Rose Dawson of Titanic once said, "There's a deep ocean of secret in every woman's heart". I wonder if amazing Alexis reveals the true secret of the ocean and is subconsciously inspired by that glorious force on earth. Yesterday we had conversation via tweets on Twitter (I can't call it a chat, but we exchanged words), knowing that he is having vacation to Athens, wondered if he is in creative process of inspiration absorption for the next collection, and his 'Why not' could mean yes.

So, do you see what I see?

SignoreFandi, incredible Mabille!