15 August 2013

Whatever you say about a big tough strong fashion editor, it's no comparison with this. Carine Roitfeld, a former editor in chief of Vogur Paris (the only Vogue carrying a city name, instead of country), is making a documentary about everything in her post Vogue life. During her 10 years as editor-in-chief at Vogue Paris she was noted for her successes and scandals (“porno chic” was her creation). It appears as an antidote to The September Issue, but recalling that it's a documentary about a person--an editor of a semi-annual magazine, CR Fashion Book; a mother; a muse; a friend; and foremost, a grandmother, no comparison between those two.

CR is the anti-Vogue. It is more chic, more exclusive, more ambitious. Having been granted unprecedented access, the aim of this documentary is to follow the making of a magazine from the first editorial meeting through to the extravagant launch party in New York. The film-maker’s take on this subject is not to be too edgy but instead amusing and upbeat. Fashion, drama, power, models all circle around this most iconic of fashion editors, the most Parisian, the Eiffel Tower in 12 cm heels: the irreverent Mademoiselle C. We, the viewers, are fully immersed in the creative process of producing a new magazine: the “just to see” photo shoots for the pilot issue that get trashed and do not make it into the magazine, the chaos of fashion week, greeting the designers, previewing new collections, press trips, glamorous soirees, choosing photographers, finding new talents, creating surprise, photo shoot disasters, shopping expeditions, award ceremonies, front row, backstage. This is the hectic life of one of the few people in the world who does not make the wheel of fashion turn, but haste wheel of fashion turning around her. But above all else, behind the surface glamour, this film takes the viewer behind the fantasy and tries to understand the way the fashion industry really functions. On this journey, be prepared to see everybody who is somebody in fashion. Well, except other editors and journalist, of course. Karl Lagerfeld, Kanye West, Riccardo Tisci, Albert Elbaz, Jean Paul Gaultier, Puff Daddy, Alicia Keys, Cassie, Cate Blanchett, Diane Von Furstenberg, Mario Sorrenti, Natalia Vodianova, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Donatella Versace, Mario Testino, Matthew Avedon, Nick Knight, Tom Ford to name but a few, are featuring on this film.

The funniest so far?

Carine: "I am a grandmother. Julia, she has a baby"
Donatella: "Oh yes, I read it"
Carine: "Can you imagine?"
Donatella:"Mm, no"

Watch the trailer below.

Signorfandi, MAJOR Mademoiselle C...