26 August 2013

Did you watch Video Music Award last night?

It was wide-spread who's going to show up once the curtains up. Blatantly opened by Lady Gaga premiering her latest song, Applause, it was for me the beginning yet the end.

I don't know why people booed her at the initial moments of the performance, which I thing was such a denouncement for an artist. They definitely didn't know what's going to happen. The booing was so popular it has already the parody. Ha!

Every body knows I am a backstage bitch, therefore I headed off to MTV site to watch the entire pre, main, and post shows via the point of view of backstage camera. Also joining were audience camera and other less noticed ones. You can also watch the show showed on TV via Skype-styled little screen appearing on the edge of the main screen, which I almost successfully ignored entirely. I was not so interested in others (sorry Bruno and Justin). If you watch VMA not on TV, but from the all access video stream online (FIVE hours in duration), you'd see that after One Direction receiving their award (they got booed too), Lady Gaga went backstage to meet them and telling them to ignore haters--which was added by One Direction member, telling booers to 'fuc*k off. Oh, and you can see A LOT of Gaga and other musicians off-TV too, which here means Gaga fixing her shell shoes, Taylor Swift, five seats away from Gaga singing along every Justin Timberlake's performance (including his overrated NSync reunion performance), and Rihanna taking beverage in a plastic glass during the show.

Tab here to watch the video I meant. It's better than on TV!

Signorfandi, hallelujah!