30 September 2013

After a terrific time I had at the show on Saturday, I had an opportunity to have a closer look to Tex Saverio collection at his showroom and talk about few things; his first impression about Paris, and how he got Christian Louboutin shoes showed along with his d├ębut ready-to-wear in Paris.

What was the initial reason to showcase your collection in Paris?

At first we got many input, many possibilities, either we should show it in London, New York, or Paris. We also have talked to our consultant, and he said that it's better to hold a show Paris, (to say) that in fashion, Paris is the most difficult one to conquer.If you can do it (in Paris) then probably it's easier to expand (to other country)

When did that happen, that you decided to show in Paris?

We just decided eight months ago, in January, and we started everything since then.

That's quite speedy!

Yes, and starting up all of this, from designing, getting the right people.

What did you find most interesting when you arrived in Paris? 
For sure the city itself is already interesting, so inspiring. Being in different mood, and with the atmosphere of fashion week, even when we were still on flight, we were surrounded by fashion people. They knew we were going for the event. It's all exciting.

What's the biggest challenge for you?

The show itself. Because, we didn't know how it works here in Paris, since it's our first show, and how we would eventually cast the models, the fittings, the logistic of the staff, we didn't know how to get to a point with all the clothes. We had to learn everything from scratch.

So, I will ask you a question you should be able to bear, because you'll be asked many times of this question (crowd laugh). What is the inspiration of this particular collection?

It's fantasy. since the fist time we launched (the label) in 2010, I wouldn't say it couture, but it's more like bespoke, so it's between couture and ready-to-wear. People start recognizing our character; something elaborately imaginative, something dramatic. We want to keep the essence of that and we make it more reachable to the market. It's wearable. You can wear it in any occasion, and yet we still keep the essence of the fantasy as our signature.

I saw on runway that you also collaborated with Christian Louboutin for the shoes. Tell me about that.

Yes, we were very surprised that Monsieur Louboutin was willing his shoes to be presented with our collection. The news came just two days before the show. We were selected among 40 other designers, and we were a bit shocked, that we were chosen, because he is very selective. And he has been very supportive, sending us the right shoes with the size that we requested in last minutes. He's very nice.

So far, as I recall, there's no accessory line. Would you release accessory line?

So far no, but we already have plan for that. For next season we will prepare the accessory line.

If there's someone who never heard of you and Tex Saverio women, how would you describe it?

(Tex Saverio women) have a strong character, are brave, unafraid of making any statement, modern.

She respects life. A philosophical point that I hold, is that every woman has their own side of beauty. They want to show, at least once in her life, that they are special. People look at me and they will see the beauty in me.
Special thanks to Rob and Lulu for the help. It's such an unforgettable moment!

Signorfandi, bravo, Tex!