1 October 2013

Jacket person like me, who has very narrow shoulder bone, thinking that wearing jacket would make it look wider, will understand how important this invention to fashion.

Photo by Gianni Pucci

Wearing jacket without actually wearing it and just draping it hanging on the shoulders would be the answer to having the broad look without getting burnt in it. The unpredictable and unstable weather like here Paris is tricky, while if you wear it over the shoulder, the jacket is on the risk to slip when you have else to do, like lighting cigs or answering phone, or in worse case, like it happened to me yesterday, falling off when I walked fast and there's wind blowing (the worst case: the jacket become some random passer-by's mat, resulting a foot print on it. So McQueen in such unexpected way).

So when Karl created those Chanel frontless jacket with buttons to keep it attached, it's an aha moment for me. This is it. Now I don't have to risk my jacket to fly away, yet getting the broad-shoulder look. Somehow.

Signorfandi, fashion is not all about utility...