12 September 2013

It's freedom. It's rebellious. It's fun.

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Jeremy Scott seems unable to get over the last year exhibition at Metropolitan Museum of Art Punk: Chaos to Couture. His mercurial collection for the spring/summer 2014 is full of colours, far from his peers who dodge eye-strutting colour combinations and tawdry words. And yet, his creativity in combining materials--leathers, shiny plastic-like fabrics, phyton, and putting zippers not as its functionality but as a touch of extreme fetishism touch, reminds me of old Thierry Mugler collections, in which he put bright pink colours on a heavily muscled testosterones.

Big voluminous hairdos a la The Ronettes from the '60s for the women, and wider reference for the men's, from David Bowie to Elvis's coifs to eternally stylish 3mm length haircut, Jeremy has showed how fashion is supposed to be various. He breaks many fashion rules people try to behold; juxtaposing leopard print and zebra, python and zebra (black and violet one), denim and leather on the same body, or simply, playing with clothes as if they were canvas, scratching and splashing all possible colours on clothes which already looks like a paint pallet. Oh, and don't forhet the drawing of clownish caricature which I found really street art-y. It's refreshing.

After all, we're talking about the man who created American map sunglasses. Correction: American-Map-Minus-Hawaii-and-Alaska-Sunglass.

Signorfandi, the other side of fashion many people forget...