25 September 2013

Fashion week equals flurry. Therefore shit happens.

I still don't know how a fashion PR deal with invitation-related matter. One thing I know, that once they ask your Parisian address, it is 99,9% you will be included on their list. But the fortune goddess didn't fly above and watch over me about Guy Laroche show. And I was included in the 0,1 %. Here's what happened.

They asked my Parisian address, and I gave them right away (of course. Guy Laroche's collection is ALWAYS interesting, and I am dummy if I refuse this honour). But the invitation never reached me. Only god knows why. SO when the show was about to begin, when everybody was checking-in themselves, I approached the PRs with printed-out our e-mail conversation. One lady said that my name was not included. Dang!

So she asked me to wait until all the invitation holders got in. But you know what? There are always people who come late to a show, even though the show itself is already late from the schedule. You might guess the result. I didn't get in even though I already heard the music played.

Somehow, we all (tardy people and no luck folks) got in, but not to the show. We were placed to the backstage, with some guards watching us, prohibiting us from taking pictures. After the show really ended (applause, anyone?), and the models started to walk to the dressing area, they removed the separator and allowed us to take photos. So here they are.

I definitely don't write review of this collection, because it would be unfair. I wasn't exactly there seeing the show. But there are few things I'd like to say.

1. I was sooo pissed off, that we (or should I say, only I?), who spared much time and arrived much earlier due to the excitement, was treated this way. Look at those people who got invitation with seat number (HOW DARE YOU WITH YOUR TARDINESS? It's Guy Laroche! You should even camp outside Grand Palais if necessary). I almost left with chin up and brought up my scattered falling dignity, but then, my curiosity won. F-word with dignity. I just wanted to see the clothes. So I waited. Then I got the chance to get a little glimpse about the collection.

2. Liu Wen's smile was contagious. The second she looked at us with happy face, I smiled too. So did my brain and heart.

3. I really understand that those PR people were so overwhelmed, so that they sometimes missed one or two thing. I just want to say thank you for letting us in last minute.

 Signorfandi, fashion gone rough!