24 September 2013

When I read the invitation of Christine Phung, I saw the venue. Galeries Lafayette. I was like, what? Will the erect a huge backdrop and spread the runway in the middle of that huge luxury shopping centre? And is it gonna be like, everybody can see it too, that nosy yet unbelievably loud (can't we just shop in tranquillity these days? I don't think so) crowd?

But then, when we checked ourselves in, they directed us to the eight floor, the rooftop. I thought I knew what they're up to. And I was right.

A breathtaking view of Paris. Yes, with Tour Eiffel too. But no, I didn't get the pictres of those beautiful dresses.

It's the kind of show where there's no seating, so everybody was standing or squatting. With first come first served basis, it was inevitable that I got the very back spot (first, I just arrived from the previous show, Moon Young Hee, and second, I have to compete with those tower-tall Europeans). And it was crazy crowded. So I gave up. But then, as I always say, there's a rainbow after a painful storm.

The thing was, the entrée of those models was behind me, the very last layer of the attendees. So I got the chance to capture the exits moments. Did I? Not really.

It was indeed beautiful, with what's left from summer breeze was flowing and dashing, refreshing and rescue us from the hot weather. But the entry was the opposite from the sun, so it's kind of tricky to make photos.

Okay. So what's the strategy? Take pictures when the models back to the nest, I said to myself. And I did. With Eiffel Tower as the background, and you think it could be just perfect, there was another problem. The models would face directly to the sun when they walked towards me. So most of them squinted and sweating.

Oh,... Cul de sac situation. I'll come back to the review of the collection a bit later. Now I'll apply the sunburn lotion on all over my face.

Signorfandi, both parties worked hard to make it work!