2 October 2013

Have you ever had problems with forever and ever extensive extra baggage when you travel, but since you will need sexy dresses for your countless god-knows occasions, you force yourself to filled and fulled your cordon of luggages with vavavoom dresses, and convincing your husband to pay the disgustingly expensive extra baggage damaging cost?

Well, it's no longer a problem.

(Does it sound like an opening line of advertising? Well...)

Fatima Guerrout deserves an award for this. Seriously. Each of her dresses's weight is not more than 200g. Two Hundreds effing GRAMS.

Inspired by graceful fairy of dancing ballerinas, the smell of lightness and transluscency is everywhere. Dancing as the main point of her inspiration also made sure that the dress is so easy to move in. The delicacy of Watteau's scenery and Degas' pastel colours can be seen through the trails of her collection. Feather-light material of silk reveals the beauty and sensuality of the dresses (I suppose the bias cut she excecuted perfectly would result differently if it were done with other materials). Two range of colour palettes are presented, each of it has it's own story. One trail that I saw during showroom meeting was full of natural and classic colours like black and dark brown. The second is more daring and summer-esque; sunny yellow, orange, fuchsia, blue azure, and emerald.

As aforementioned, it's easy to change even five times daily when your suitcases are full of her dresses. I couldn't fathom why, but in fashion society, it's okay to repeat bags or shoes, but presenting yourself in the same dresses is a big no no. It's going to be like snap of fingers to change from, let say, fuchsia dress to the green emerald one, and you can keep your mink coat and Birkin for the look. And voila! You are now same person with different appearance.

When I touched it, I knew that it represents best of how a woman want to dress; light-pack, effortless without sacrificing the look, comfortable, sensual, and appealing. What else would you ask?

Signorfandi, a proof that less can be more!