2 October 2013

Futuristically feminine. That's the answer if you ask me about the spring/summer 2014 collection (and her debut in Paris) of this promising Polish designer, Gosia Baczynska.

We were all welcomed by a huge constellation of disco ball in the middle of the set at Palais de Tokyo, and from there, which I expected to see something disco-themed, I was not disappointed.

Gosia showed that what appeared with disco not always about tackiness and tawdriness. Instead, she created something aforementioned, sexy and feminine. Of course in her own way. Sleek silhouette with a mix materials with glittering and glamorous metallic, with a glimpse of few numbers with hologram gradient effect, the sense of futurism is so strong. Champagne-coloured evening dress looks so comfortable, falling with the flow of the models. Sexy black lace and abstract paintings appear here and there, blended together. Striking blue dress with a star-shaped metallic violet accent is so sharply made, giving the idea of strength, and at the same time, softness. The shape of the dress reminds me of beautiful-but-deadly (or they call it silent-deadly?) jellyfish, with sumptuous shape but frequently taken frivolously.

Oh, and my favourite? The semi-cocoon hologram coat with asymmetric collar and O-shaped pocket. The slender clean silhouette is so simple, but the brave colour is what entice me.

As the closure of the fashion month week, Gosia gave me the refreshing sayonara to the hustle and bustle of the week. And it is what will last in my head. And as finale of the finale, with this remarkable collection, I can finally say, I Feel Love.

Signorfandi, ciao ciao Paris...