1 December 2013

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Geraldus Sugeng, another promising designer from Indonesia. Entitled "Mythperial" (which I thought as a combination of myth and imperial), his show during Jakarta Fashion Week was catching my attention due to its use of bright colour and glamorous silhouette. It inevitably reminds me of Laurence Xu couture fall '13, but in a little less scale.

Imagine combining the word myth and imperialism. Geraldus tried to resurrect the glamourama happening during the heyday of Chinese kingdom in the past. His attempt to rejuvenate the concept of old-style Chinese cheongsam, turning it from traditional dressing completely to evening gowns, and yet without leaving the strong smell of Chinese culture, I admit that it was quite daring. Bright blatant colours of red and orange (symbol of fortune joy), dragon and phoenix motifs chasing each other in nirvana ambiance, printed along with other fantastical creatures and flowers. He featured only floor-length gowns, which punctuates that his collection was somewhat a laboratory, capturing glamorous idea that is not easy to apply in minimal fabrics. No other pieces like jackets or short, which I believe would look majestically fabulous.

Indonesian market is known for not following western trend, and as well the bravery to wear colours all year is something well-noted. I wonder if his creation will hit some red carpet or something. Wedding, perhaps?

Signorfandi, damn I can't wear them since they're all gowns...